Memorial Hospital is proud to be an integral part of the Martinsville-Henry County area.  Like the community, Memorial Hospital has continued to change and grow.  

The history of Memorial Hospital goes back to the 50-bed Shackelford Hospital on Church Street in Martinsville. This Hospital served the community from 1920 until 1946, when the new Martinsville General Hospital on Starling Avenue opened with a capacity of 80 beds.  By 1964, community growth encouraged hospital administration to increase its capacity to 173 beds.


In 1966, the Board of Trustees realized, again, that to keep pace with the increased health care needs of the community, further growth was necessary.  On June 7, 1970, Memorial Hospital opened its doors with a bed capacity of 223 and full range of inpatient and outpatient services.


Despite out active growth for more than 80 years, our vision and dedication to quality patient care and convenience continues to shape our facility.  Many renovations have been devoted to adding needed services for area residents.  Recent additions such as the Ravenel Oncology Center, provide our community with specialized medical attention close to home.  Affiliated with Duke University?s oncology program, this state-of-the-art facility is equipped to care for all needs of a patient who suffers from cancer.  Likewise, the Julius Hermes Breast Care Center allows women the convenience of diagnostic and treatment services performed in the same facility.  Additionally, a variety of outpatient services have also undergone recent renovations providing our patients with better access to prompt and convenience service.


Interior and exterior renovations have eased traffic flow and efficiency operations.  Direct entrances created for Rehabilitative Services, the Emergency Department, Outpatient Registration, the Breast Care Center, and the Oncology Center provide increased patient access.  Centralized nursing stations allow staff to be ideally located for better patient monitoring.  Standardization of room equipment within the Critical Care Unit ensures that any patient, regardless of diagnosis, will receive full support in any room.


Under the management of qualified physicians, new departments have also been added to offer the community a variety of health care services including the Hyperbaric Medicine/Wound Care Center, Sleep Lab, and Interventional Cardiology program.  


In the future, further expansions will allow Memorial Hospital to continue to bring Martinsville and Henry County quality health care.  Further cosmetic and constructions plans have been formulated to renovate the third, fourth, and fifth floors.  These updates include the same aesthetic atmosphere that is represented on the first two floors and an increase in the number of available staff beds.  The efforts both monetarily, and in the amount of time that has been invested into such planned projects, exemplifies the hospital?s commitment to providing Martinsville and Henry County with the best technology and most efficient patient care.


Our highly qualified personnel, representing a variety of administrative, professional, technical and service positions staff many of our departments around-the-clock, seven days a week.  More than 95% of our active medical staff, representing a full-range of specialties, are Board Certified in their respective fields.

320 Hospital Drive, Martinsville, Virginia  24115     (276) 666-7200