Psychiatric Services at Memorial Hospital

Everyone faces stress at some point in his or her life-whether it be emotional, social, physical or mental stress. Sometimes family support may not be enough to help. At these times, a supportive environment and assistance from a variety of skilled professionals can provide help in bringing life back into balance.


Serving the community since 1982, Psychiatric Services at Memorial Hospital of Martinsville & Henry County seeks to help adults suffering from depression, family problems, job crises, anxiety, or other emotional difficulties as well as alcohol and drug dependencies. If...

  • A friendly, informal atmosphere,
  • Personalized care,
  • The ability to remain in your community, close to home, family and friends,
  • Access to a full service hospital,
  • Confidentiality,
  • Professional medical/psychiatric care and
  • Being more than a number is important to you, Psychiatric Services at Memorial Hospital may be your choice for  treatment. We combine the skills of psychiatrists, clinical social workers, nurses, substance abuse counselors, occupational therapists, physical therapists, dietitians and a chaplain to provide a treatment program designed for each individual's needs.

Our mission is to provide a safe, supporting and therapeutic environment where the individual can be guided toward reaching his or her maximum physical and emotional health.


Confidentiality.  Memorial Hospital respects the patient's right to privacy. From the moment an individual makes contact with the hospital staff for psychiatric services, all communication will be held in confidence.


Programs.  Each program is designed to provide a structured therapeutic environment conducive to patient interaction and support. The Psychiatric Services treatment programs encourage patient involvement and responsibility.


Discharge Planning/Continuing Care.  The Psychiatric Services staff utilize patient and family therapy, patient and family education, and discharge planing in its treatment process. After discharge, these elements are vital in trying to maintain goals achieved while in the hospital. A continuing care plan is tailored to the needs of the patient and family and seeks to ensure ongoing care for the patient after discharge. The Psychiatric Services staff also is dedicated to working with professionals in the community to provide continuity of care for each patient before, during and after hospitalization.


Referral and Admission.  Admissions are accepted 24 hours a day.  Prior arrangements and pre-admission visits to Psychiatric Services are welcomed and encouraged. Referrals can be made by physicians, clinicians, health professionals, employers,  community agencies, family members, friends or by the individuals themselves. All inquiries are strictly confidential.


Insurance.  Patients are responsible for seeing that the financial obligations of their health care are fulfilled.Requirements for coverage may vary between companies. Amount of coverage varies between policies and companies. The Psychiatric Services staff will contact the insurance company and check on the coverage requirements for the patient.


Insurance coverage information will be shared with the patient at admission or as soon as it is available from the insurance company. The hospital will bill the insurance company for the patient. Patients are responsible for any charges incurred that are not covered by their insurance.


Non-Discrimination.  Psychiatric Services at Memorial Hospital does not discriminate against any person because of race, national origin, sex, age, religion, disability or ability to pay.


Accreditation.  Memorial Hospital of Martinsville and Henry County is accredited by The Joint Commission On Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. This accreditation signifies high quality of care and compliance with nationwide standards of excellence in
health care.


Continued Quality Care.  In order to continue to meet the demands of our community and our own standards of excellence, we continue to develop innovative ways to deliver quality, efficient care to our patients. By cultivating and nurturing relationships with other viable health providers, we can ensure that our patients can access quality health care close to home.


For Further information regarding Psychiatric Services at Memorial Hospital, please call:

Toll Free 888-217-9127 or (276) 634-4911.


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