At the Ravenel Oncology Center, optimal treatment programs are designed through a multi-disciplinary approach. These disciplines include radiation oncology, medical oncology, hematology, surgery or some combination of these. Treatment team members meet regularly to discuss each patient's case and design an appropriate treatment plan.


Radiation Oncology
Radiation therapy uses high-energy x-rays to destroy cancer cells. At the Ravenel Oncology Center, the process begins with a thorough examination by a radiation oncologist, a physician specializing in the treatment of cancer with radiation. Dr. Nigel Goodchild, radiation oncologist staffs the area five days a week.


After making an evaluation, the radiation oncologist works with other staff members to develop an individual treatment plan. A radiation simulator helps your physician outline the exact area to be treated. The actual treatment is delivered by a computerized linear accelerator.


This highly sophisticated machine focuses a precise amount of high-energy x-rays on a specific area without unnecessary irradiation to other parts of the body, making treatment safer and more effective.


Under the guidance of the radiation oncologist, the treatment team evaluates each patient's progress on a regular basis, and makes any necessary adjustments.


You're Not Alone
Through every phase of treatment, you will be supported by a staff of dedicated professionals. Nurses and technologists understand the physical and emotional requirements of cancer patients and are anxious to provide the comfort and care you need. A variety of programs, such as psychosocial counseling and patient support groups, offer important help for patients and families experiencing cancer.


Hope, Life and Caring
At the Ravenel Oncology Center, you can rest assured that you are receiving highly advanced cancer care. You can also take comfort in knowing that with a caring, professional staff, state-of-the-art technology and university-level treatments, we are bringing new hope and promise to cancer patients much closer to home.


Other Revenal Oncology Services

Medical Oncology

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