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What is Ergonomics?
Ergonomics focuses on the safe and effective interaction between people and their environment. The most familiar facet of ergonomics involves the design of the office computer workstation. But whether your employees sit at a computer terminal, operate machinery on the factory floor, or drive a large delivery truck, they can benefit from the principles of ergonomics.


What qualifies Physical Therapists to provide Ergonomic Consultation Services?
Most Ergonomic Consultants in the United States are engineers who aim to redesign work stations. In Europe and Australia, however, ergonomics is managed predominantly by physical therapists. Ergonomic physical therapists can go beyond the narrow focus of engineering. They can develop strategies for avoiding fatigue, repairing injuries, and promoting a healthy lifestyle at work and at home.


Ergonomic Consultation Services
The United States loses over $130 billion each year in worker's compensation claims for work-related musculoskeletal disorders such as low-back strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and tendinitis. Physical Rehabilitation Services at Memorial Hospital is proud to offer a way to fight this growing epidemic through our work injury prevention program.
Memorial Hospital utilizes IMPACC, a program developed by a team of industrial physical therapists specializing in ergonomics and work injury prevention. The IMPACC program helps employers identify and correct various risk factors that lead to injuries, claims, and costs. Since 1981, IMPACC has aided over 450 workplaces across the United States, including several Fortune 500 firms. The program is proven to reduce lost work by an average of 70 percent.


Work Risk Analysis
The first phase of the IMPACC program is a work risk analysis in which we examine job design and worker habits. Memorial Hospital physical therapists come into your workplace and take time to identify risk factors, listen to employee feedback, and photograph job sites. This interactive style of research helps us to identify potential problems. After the on-site evaluation, the therapists compile a detailed report which summarizes risk factors, minimal-cost job design changes, and suggestions on how workers can use their bodies more effectively.


Supervisor/Manager Training
Next, our therapists sit down with supervisors and managers in a four-hour comprehensive seminar. Here, we discuss basic anatomy, common injuries, strategies for identifying risk factors, current trends, and potential solutions.


Employee Training
Two-hour employee training seminars are also available. Here, the focus is the employees' job responsibilities. Employees learn how they can best utilize their bodies to perform safely and effectively, both in the workplace and at home. Exercise instruction is also provided.


Ergonomic Team Training
We will help you establish a designated in-house task force in our team-building session. With proper training, your task force can monitor company ergonomic policies and procedures on a daily basis. This allows your employees to continually improve on workplace safety -- even after training is completed.


Modified Duty Program Design
When an employee returns to the workplace after an injury, a modified-duty program is essential. Memorial Hospital physical therapists will help develop a structured plan for the transition back to the workplace.

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