The Speech Pathologists of Memorial Hospital's Physical Rehabilitation Services Department are proud to offer a range of speech-language pathology services that meet the needs of our patients. Licensed by the Virginia Board of Medicine, these pathologists are trained in the development of human communication. They work to identify communication or swallowing problems through an evaluation of one or more of the following: Speech patterns, Cognitive communication skills, Swallowing skills.


Precise testing helps pathologists evaluate the problems that exist and determine the best method of treatment. Through treatment, patients receive the expertise and guidance to improve their ability to communicate clearly and swallow properly.


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At Memorial Hospital, speech-language pathology services are offered on an in-patient or out-patient basis. Our services may include, but are not limited to:


Pediatric Services
We provide specialized services that facilitate the correct development of speech, language, and conversational skills in children. Our speech pathologists are equipped to help children through a range of developmental delays and disorders including autism, arhailation, fluency, stuttering, and apraxia.


Modified Barium Swallow Studies
Diagnosis helps us to identify the site of aspiration or penetration as well as the cause of the the abnormality. We then develop strategies to re-train patients to swallow more safely.


Dysphagia Evaluation and Treatment
Following an evaluation of the patient's swallowing process, our therapists design a customized treatment plan that will help the patient tolerate the least restrictive diet possible.


Aphasia Evaluation and Treatment
Whether it is the result of a stroke, head injury, tumor, or other damage to the brain, aphasia affects a person's ability to express himself or to understand those around him. After we evaluate the patient's level of language function, we develop and implement a strategy to help him improve functional communication.


Motor Speech Disorders
Using a carefully developed treatment plan, we work with the patient to improve ability to vocalize needs, wants, and thoughts more precisely. 

Cognitive Linguistic Training
Through focused therapy sessions, we work with the patient to better utilize functional language needed for activities of daily living.


Patient and Family Education
Our therapists also work with the patient's family, helping the family become more knowledgeable about specific problems and treatment procedures. Through a complete understanding of the diagnosis, families feel better prepared to support the patient and reinforce the speech therapy treatment plans.


How do I receive speech-language pathology services? 
If you have a doctor's referral, please call Physical Rehabilitation Services at Memorial Hospital at (540) 666-7590 and make your appointment with our pathologists.

320 Hospital Drive, Martinsville, Virginia  24115     (276) 666-7200